Welcome to Court Service, Inc.

Service is our business. Not to mention our middle name. Literally.  Court Service, Inc. And we’re in business to serve you, anywhere in the entire State of Georgia and on over into Alabama and Florida. We’ll go wherever we’re needed with service second to none. We might be a little faster in Brooks County, Thomas County, Colquitt County, Lowndes County and Grady County, seeing as how that’s our home territory, but you won’t see any grass growing under our feet no matter where the job is.  Moultrie, Valdosta, Tifton, Nashville, Albany, Bainbridge, Waycross, Brunswick, Savannah, Sylvester, Americus. Panama City and Tallahassee, Florida. Dothan, Alabama. We’ll get your paper served anywhere. We’re in all those places and more – providing full service investigations in all areas, including service of process, workers comp, surveillance, personal injury, child custody, assets check, skip tracing, repossessions, fugitive recovery and employee background investigations.

That’s because without clients, an investigative process server has no business.  Our pledge to you:  We provide the services you need with unequalled expertise in the industry, with no hidden fees and no sudden changes in company policy.

Our pledge to you: We provide the services you need with unequalled expertise in the industry, with no hidden costs and no sudden changes in company policy. Most services are accomplished within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. That's our standard. How? Unequalled expertise in the industry acquired from forty-five years in the field. Because we are investigative process servers. If you need service any sooner than that, give us a call and we'll discuss it.

When is an Investigative Process Server Needed?

Sometimes cases don’t fall in the garden variety category.  Sometimes the individual you need served, located, or investigated isn’t the average, stationary citizen.  When you’ve got such a case, you need a private process server who’s an investigator.  An investigative process server.  And you need a good one for the simple reason that a bad one is worse than not having one at all.  An investigator who doesn’t know his business will alert the target that he’s garnered attention,  that someone wants to find him, that he’s on the radar screen.  If he doesn’t want to be found, he’ll simply disappear off into the sunset again.  Can he be found?  Certainly.  A good investigative process server who knows his business can find anyone.  They can run, but they cannot hide. 

Court Service, Inc. knows the business.  Almost half a century of hands-on blood, sweat and tears field experience went into learning it.  What services can you expect from Court Service, Inc.?  Please visit our “Services” page and find out.