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Court Service, Inc. | Services


Providing Service and Filing of all civil process of any kind

• Skip Tracing
• Repossessions, vehicle recovery, official notice for payment
• Court records research
• Investigations and surveillance for domestic cases
• Child custody investigations
• Accident, Personal Injury, and Worker’s Compensation investigations
• Bond revocations, fugitive recovery, and prisoner transportation
• Pre-employment and due diligence background investigations
• City, county, state, national and international executive courier service
• High profile security, personal escort
• Mystery shopping, business check-ups

Providing Service and Filing of all civil process of ant kind

If a document needs to be served, we’ll serve it. And we’ll serve it properly. You will have valid, legal service. You will never pay for a botched service attempt. Guaranteed. We will also file any court documents our clients need to be filed, even if that involves personally walking them through the filing process.

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